The latter is where prospects followed through to the sign up

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6204 bearing -

  The ads were placed from 12th December 2004 to 18h January 2005. So, the time span is about a month, but, I use the program in question 629 Bearings ZZ Manufacturers to send other ads out too. About every 3rd day, I will send one of these three ads, in rotation. So, each of the ads would have been sent about every 6 days or so.

  Advert 1 pulled in 70 unique hits, with 19 action hits. The latter is where prospects followed through to the sign up page.

  Advert 2 pulled 5 unique hits and 1 action hit.

  Advert 3 pulled 4 unique hits and no action hits.


  I have always advocated trying to keep headlines short, especially where email adverts are concerned. You only have the width of the email pane to enter your message, so you must tell your story within a few words.

  I dont consider any of the Headlines that I have used to be excessively long. However, the first advert is very short, and perhaps that accounts in part for the huge number of additional clicks for the first advert?

  In part, I believe that this is true.

  However, I am now thinking that perhaps email prospects have become wary of seeing their name in emails from people that they don't really know. Think about how you react when you see such an email?

  Do you open it immediately, or do you become suspicious?

  Trust your gut feeling.

  I have used the personalised approach in the body of the email, and maybe the psychology here is that once someone has opened an email, they have let you in and are more amenable to your being personal.

  Headline conclusion

  I am more convinced than ever that email headlines should be short - as short as possible. I also recommend that if you personalise the Headline, you stop, and test your ads without it.

  Bulleted Benefits

  You can see that advert 1 has produced a massive amount of additional click thrus over the other two ads. Bearing in mind that each ad went out, probably every six days, the first two ads are not far removed from the norm with the program that I used. This makes the results achieved by Advert 1 even more staggering.

  The change in headline may go some way to explain this, but the huge number of clicks tells me that something much more significant has occurred.

  Thankfully, the body of the three ads are very similar in all aspects, except one; the bulleted benefits. In the first ad, I have given one word answers. In the other two, I have elaborated.

  Bulleted benefits conclusion

  One cannot escape the fact that keeping the benefits so short has had an impact. And not only in click thrus either. If you look at the graphic under Actions column, you will see that I have tracked the prospect through to the signup page. You might expect that the 20% conversion rate be the same, but it isnt, it has increased to around 28%. So the shorter bullet points have also pre-sold more effectively, so the prospects likelihood of signing up has increased as well.

  As a final note, please remember that all of this is courtesy of tracking my ads. If you dont do it, then you will struggle to make an impact in the marketing world.

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